Our Classes Are Back!

This month of July our classes are back!

This Saturday, 4th July, 10am – 12pm and every following Saturday starts our weekly class online. It’s fun, interactive and healthy!

They will learn speech, drama, sing, movement, musical theatre, costumes, make-up etc to learn, train and prepare for the year-end school holiday concert program.

Give us a call at 03-61428115 or email for more info or to sign up!

Anyone Can Sing!

Here’s the Secret! Anyone can sing…
If you can talk, then you CAN SING!
But it requires YOU to do your part. With Training & Persistence, you will go far. Learn the techniques to sing the right way with us!

Now is your chance to check this off your bucket list from the comfort of your home.
Book your ONLINE Singing Classes with our Award-Winning Singing Instructor Tria Aziz.🎵🎶

Sign up for Beginner Level here:
Sign up for Intermediate Level here:
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Enroll Singing

Singing 2

Stay Productive as You Stay at Home with Enfiniti PLAY!

Make the best of your time at home. Enfiniti PLAY! now offers Impactful Presentation and Public Speaking online training. Use this time to improve your business communication and presentation skills so that after the MCO/lockdown you are armed and ready to hit the ground running back in the workplace.

Sign up now while you have this chance!

Click this link to join Introductory Level 1 Webinar :

Click this link to join Advanced Level 2 One-on-one :

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Creative Based Corporate Training

Did you know Enfiniti Academy offers corporate training? Do you want to build your company’s creativity, communication or teambuilding skills?

Enfiniti Academy is a renowned performing arts training centre offering accessible arts education of the highest standard to build personality, confidence and nurture creative minds for all careers and sectors of society. It was established by award-winning actress Tiara Jacquelina who created the award winning group of companies of Enfiniti known for breaking new ground and raising the bar for the Malaysian film and arts industry.  Enfiniti Academy is run by award-winning actress Joanna Bessey. Drawing on our strength in theatre and arts-based training, Enfiniti conducts a dramatically different method of corporate training called Enfiniti PLAY!.

So why drama-based corporate training?  Enfiniti PLAY! utilizes public speaking, drama techniques, the actor’s toolkit, role play games and improvisation to train participants to motivate themselves, manage uncertainty, manage time constraints, think innovatively, communicate passionately and elaborate creatively. It consists of practical sessions, trains muscle memory and is a shared group experience. It gets you and your group to put theory into physical practice right on the spot unlike a normal lecture.

For more information click here:

We look forward to working with your company to develop the training that is right for you and your fellow employees.

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Get 20% off in 2020

Are you ready for 2020? Sign up for the whole year of classes and get 20% off.

Join us to improve your vocal, acting or dance technique. This semester’s theme is Traditional Malaysian.

What’s new in store for our regular students? We now have a more advanced class that lasts for the whole year for those who want the next level of learning which culminates to a year end performance.

Email us at to find out more or to register for class.

See you in January!

Oct - Dec 18 FLYERSOct - Dec 18 FLYERSJoin us in January for the next semester!SEM1_2020

Be the next voice star of animation!


Did you ever want to do the voices for animation? Do you have the technique? Join us this Friday to Sunday, 6th – 8th December, and learn the skills to be the next voice star! It’s a once a year workshop so don’t miss it!

Learn how to create a character and act using ONLY your voice!
You’ll also get to experience recording your own demo inside an actual recording studio.

Call +603 6142 8115 or email NOW to register!

See you soon!

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Our Voice Acting for Animation workshop is back!




Train just like the pros. Unleash the secrets of creativity in YOU or YOUR CHILD this school holiday!

Enfiniti Academy’s STARMAKER BOOTCAMP has created stars and discovered new potential and confidence in so many of our alumni over the years. It covers the basics of being able to combine the skill sets of singing, acting and dancing into the ultimate multi-talent: the “triple threat“. This year we are dedicated to preparing our students for “Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical 2020” auditions.

Our teachers are award-winning practitioners from the Arts industry such as Tria Aziz, Joanna Bessey, Duan aka Saiful Ridzuan, Michelle Jueney, Shrizz, Denise Yap, Hanafi Rosdi and more.

It’s a fun 6 day training culminating in a Performance Showcase and gets participants’ skill-sets ready for musical theatre auditions.

Learn vocal and acting techniques. Learn various dance techniques including urban dance.
Learn musical theatre songs, choreography and scripts. Script work includes creating characters and understanding their dramatic situations.
Drama games, communication and presentation skills.
Performance for parents.

Enfiniti Academy is the education arm of Enfiniti (M) the award winning producers of Puteri Gunung Ledang, P.Ramlee the Musical, MUD the Musical and Ola Bola the Musical.

Enfiniti Academy has conducted it’s Youth-On-Stage program for eight years and has produced professional-level productions as a platform for talented youth. Our musicals include: Seussical Jr. , Seussical the Broadway Musical, Aladdin – A Musical Comedy, Aladdin Reloaded and MUD the Musical.


Learn the Proper Techniques to Sing

Why should one take singing lessons? It benefits those who have a passion for singing, those who want to impress in their next karaoke session and those who want to learn how to use their voice the proper way even when they speak.

Here are some of the things you learn when you take our vocal classes:

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• Vocal Exercises and Warm -ups
(Know how to warm up your voice before you begin a song so you don’t strain your voice.)

• Proper Breathing Technique
(Know the correct way to breathe so you don’t get out of breath.)

• Singing Technique
(Learn the proper techniques so you don’t loose your voice.)

• Understanding the Voice

• Articulation, Pronunciation and Diction

• Learning to Sing on Pitch

• Song Study and Interpretation

• Build Confidence to Sing on Stage

• Developing Vocal Artistry

• Determine Singing Range and Voice Type

• Singing Harmony and Ear Training

• Making Friends

• Performance Class /Showcase

Want to know more about the benefits for singing class for you or your child? You can see more benefits here:

To sign up or come for a trial for our next semester email us at  or call 03-61428115. 

Be the Next Star on the Stage

Did you ever want to be on stage? Or maybe you want to be the next star of Asia’s Got Talent? Before you can take the leap to the stage you need to have the technique of a performer. Here are some of the various things you learn in our performing arts classes:

• Dance Techniques
• Development Of Personal Movement Skills
• Body Awareness And Centering
• Strength and flexibility
• Musicality
• Learn choreography & dance routines
• Performance Class/Showcase

Singing (kids):
• Vocal Warm -ups
• Proper Breathing Technique
• Singing Technique
• Understanding the Voice
• Articulation, Pronunciation and Diction
• Learning to Sing on Pitch
• Song Study
• Build Confidence to Sing on Stage
• Making Friends

Singing (adults):
• Vocal Exercises and Warm -ups
• Proper Breathing and Vocalization Technique
• Developing Vocal Artistry
• Determine Singing Range and Voice Type
• Effective Diction for Singing
• Learning to Sing on Pitch
• Singing Harmony and Ear Training
• Song Study and Interpretation
• Performance Class /Showcase

Acting (kids):
• Drama-Based Games and Exercises
• Storytelling
• Vocal Projection
• Reading Skills
• Communication Skills
• Develop Confidence and Concentration
• Build Imagination
• Making Friends and Teamwork
• Performance Class/Showcase

Acting (teens):
• To use physical and vocal devices to enhance a performance.
• To utilize physical and vocal devices for independent learning and problem solving.
• To be able to critically analyse text and performance.
• To introduce ensemble work.
• Confidence building in speech, interaction and performance.
• Performance Class/Showcase

Acting (adults):
• Acting Technique – Stanislavski based
• Voice and Breath
• Communication Techniques
• Movement
• Script Analysis
• Performance Analysis
• Scene Study
• Monologues
• Improvisation
• Audition Technique
• Knowing your “product” and administering your career
• Performance Class/Showcase

In the new semester new stars of #OlaBolaMusical2019 will be teach our dance classes! Come and learn hip hop and contemporary with us.

Email or call 03-61428115 for more details or to register.