Our Classes Are Starting Again Soon

For our upcoming October-December 2019 semester, we have the fun theme inspired by popular Korean Culture!

Do you have all the skills to be a performer and confidence in front of a live audience? Join our next intake to continue to expand and build those skills. As well as enjoy the multitude of benefits which come from these fun classes. 

Ever thought about turning professional? Or are you working in the Entertainment Industry but do not have paper qualifications? Learn the most important principles for a career in the performing arts with our 3 month Career Certificate. New intake begins in October 2019.

Enfiniti Academy turns 8!

Enfiniti Academy recently celebrated our 8th Anniversary! We commemorated the occasion on our Semester 3 Performance Class where we also invited many of our alumni to join us and perform or give a speech. Take a look at all the videos from the night in the playlist below! We are grateful to be continuing to inspire creativity in our students for the past 8 years.

School Holiday Program This August 2019!

Coming this school holiday!

Looking for a unique children’s activity this August? Join our school holiday program, Voice-Acting for Animation and gain the skills to be the next generation of the voices for cartoons, animation, commercials and more.

Many of our students have become professional voice actors! Bring your kids (8-12 years) to Enfiniti Academy and learn from successful professional voice artists Joanna Bessey, Na’a Murad, Azman Zulkiply, and Steven Bones:

  • Experience being in an actual studio and record your own demo!
  • Creating characters.
  • How to perform different voices and characters.
  • Master professional voice talent techniques.

Date: 13th-15th August
Time: 10am-5pm
Price: RM499 (inclusive of meals)

Call 03-61428115 or email enact@enfiniti.com.my to register now!

Get Your Certificate

Classes are back again this July. There’s no time like the present to start learning performing arts and improve your presentation skills. Work your way to gaining the proper techniques to becoming a professional in speech and drama, voice and/or movement (dance). Once you complete 5 semester of classes you get can get certificate for the skills you have gained.

Sign up today! Email enact@enfiniti.com.my for more details or call 03-61428115 to book your spot.

July Sem Flyer 2019
New semester starts in July!

SEM3_2019 Calendar.jpeg

Professional career in performing arts?

Our 3 month Career Certificate is perfect for those who:

  • Have a flexible working schedule
  • Graduating from school
  • Graduating from college/ uni
  • Are taking a gap year / hiatus

Use our certificate course to boost your full time or part time career as a performing artist!
Do you want to gain the skills, knowledge and professional know-how of actors who can perform in Musical Theatre, Theatre and On-Camera?
Our Career Certificate in Performing Arts (worth 10 university credits) accredited and approved by the Ministry of Education, will teach you all the fundamentals.

PAC flyer new
Study performing arts as a short time course.

For arts career development and lifelong learning.

Full time: 8 weeks
Starts 17th June 2019

Who can attend?

  • Performing Arts Practitioners
  • Aspiring Performing Artists
  • Minimum age: Secondary School Graduates (Pre-university)
Benefits those with careers in:

  • Performing Arts
  • Theatre / Stage Management
  • Film / Television
  • Events
  • Tourism
  • Law
  • Management / Sales
  • Human Resource
  • Working Professionals

Additional skills gained: Creative Thinking, Presentation, Storytelling, Teamwork, Communication, Basics of Business in the Entertainment Industry.

Get Moving with Dance

Dance enhances skills of perception, observation, and concentration. This is because one needs to learn choreography and steps. Dance also helps prevent dementia in old age.

Find out more here: http://time.com/5484237/dancing-health-benefits/

What we teach for adults:

Contemporary Dance

“Brought to the forefront of popular culture by dance pioneer Merce Cunningham, contemporary dance changed much of what people thought about dance before it existed. Cunningham did not believe in the importance of the straight line or straightforward narrative in dance, as was so important in ballet and classical styles. Instead, Cunningham’s dance stressed unpredictability, expression, and freedom, while simultaneously maintaining a strong focus on technique.”

Compared to dances like Ballet of which Contemporary derived from, it focuses more on movement of the torso rather than the importance of the legs. This makes it a more freestyle of dance which is more fluid rather than sharp and strict. It also involves more floor movement and makes it more freeing.

What we teach for kids:

Hip Hop Dance

Hip-hop developed from several cultures including jazz, rock, tap, and American and Latino cultures. Hip-hop is a very energetic form of dancing. It is unique in that it allows its dancers to perform with freedom of movement, adding in their own personalities. The hip-hop culture is influenced by the following four elements: disc jockeys, graffiti (art), MCs (rappers), and B-boys and B-girls.

Modern Dance

“A free expressive style of dancing that developed in the early 20th century as a reaction to classical ballet. In recent years it has included elements not usually associated with dance, such as speech and film.”

Semester 2 of 2019

Look no further for your performing arts training in acting, singing or dance! Enfiniti Academy ‘s new semester comes to you this April. Bring yourself or your child to learn confidence building in this fun environment and you will also gain the skills to be a professional performer too!

Email enact@enfiniti.com.my or call 03-61428115 to register today before spaces are full!


Apr Sem Flyer 2019 hi res

Apr Sem Calendar 2019 hi res


Want a more creative additional skill set?

If you had the wish to study performing arts but never got the chance, now is your chance with Enfiniti Academy’s Performing Arts Career Certificate. No matter what you are studying or have studied, you can also learn performing arts to pursue a performing career part time or full time or just to improve your speaking and body language skills for the work place.

Starting this April, you too can learn to be an actor, singer, dancer and someone who is good at public speaking all in one. This course is full time and also part time (for those working or studying).

Email us at enact@enfiniti.com.my for more info!

Performing Arts Cert 2019 hi res


Ola Bola magic is created at Enfiniti Academy studios!

Ola Bola magic was being created yet again in the Enfiniti Academy studios. Loving the evolution from last year taking place & powering into 2019.
Don’t forget to catch season 2 of this amazing show going on now at Istana Budaya. Visit http://www.buyticket.asia for more details.  #theatremagic
Our studios are available for rent. Contact us at enact@enfiniti.com.my or go to https://enfinitiacademy.com/studios/ to find our more.
#OlaBolaMusical #rehearsal