Enfiniti Academy of Perfoming Arts. Speech & Drama (Acting Classes), Vocal (Singing Lessons), Dance (movement) classes and Drama-Based Corporate Training. Inspiring Creativity in Everyone!

Who We Are

In 2011, The Enfiniti Academy of Musical Theatre & Performing Arts was founded with aim of being an incubator for developing and nurturing creative talent, and to-date has almost 900 students between ages 3 and 55 attending weekly classes as well as special workshops in acting, dance, voice, and writing as well as technical theatre, directing and stage management. Enfiniti Academy was established by award-winning actress Tiara Jacquelina with it’s course director Joanna Bessey. We are located in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

Tiara Jacquelina, whose nickname is Chief Dream-Maker, has always been passionate about developing and nurturing young local talent, hence Enfiniti Academy was founded in 2011 with the purpose of developing an ecosystem for performing arts in Malaysia.

Today Enfiniti Academy is home to over 1000 aged between 3 and 53 and is the only integrated performing arts school in Malaysia, providing it’s best students in Enfiniti’s most prestigious projects. Enfiniti Academy boasts an alumni of some of the most talented performers in the performing arts industry of Malaysia such as actress, TV host and beauty queen Amelia Henderson, singer-actress Tria Aziz, actress Jasmine Suraya Chin, actress Bella Dally and singer-actress Aisya Hasnaa.

What We Do

We provide performing arts classes. Our classes include speech and drama (acting ages 3 and above), vocal (singing ages 8 and above), dance (modern, hip hop ages 6-12 & contemporary ages 14-adults) as well as many other workshops throughout the year.

We also collaborate with Ministry of Education (MOE) and English Language Training Centre (ELTC) to offer a Highly Immersive Programme to teach English through Speech & Drama in schools.

For companies we offer PLAY –Theatre Based Corporate Training. PLAY is a theatre-based, creative change management training course; aimed at improving and enhancing corporate communication and leadership skills.

Enfiniti Academy provides pathways to higher education through our joint certificate program with MUST University, Malaysia and University of Tasmania, Australia.

Tiara Jacquelina
“My dream is for Enfiniti Academy to be the “incubator” for the next generation of creative, innovative, confident, inspiring, passionate future performers, creators, thinkers and future leaders of Malaysia.” – Tiara Jacquelina (Dream maker & Game changer)


Joanna Bessey
“Performing Arts, particularly drama, will help to increase soft skills. For example, singing helps to bring out the tones and timbre of your voice, and you’ll also learn how to speak clearly without hurting your vocal cords. It’s good to know how to do it safely, and ensures that people want to listen to you. Many communication breakdowns happen simply because nobody could hear what you were saying. Drama helps in this regard because you learn how to use your creative thinking skills and articulate your thoughts. It build confidence as kids who are used to performing are less stressed out when put on stage or in front of a crowd.” – Joanna Bessey (Ringmaster)



5 thoughts on “About

  1. hi, I’m interested in Voice and Absolutely Contemporary Dance classes. May I know what is the charges please? I’m planning to join in May but it seems the semester has started since April, please advice. thank you. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your interest in our classes. Could you please send me your email so we can send you more information? Our email is enact@enfiniti.com.my. The current semester has already started but you would have only missed 2 classes. 1 semester is between 2 to 3 months. Are you able to come tonight (22 April) for Absolutely Contemporary? Class tonight is at 8:30pm. You can always come for a trial. If you would like to do a trial for any of our classes you just have to pay the one time registration fee of RM53. Or you can join us in the next semester which will be in July. Thank you.


  2. Hi. We’re from a secondary school in Batu Kurau Perak and we would love to have highly immersive program with Enfiniti Academy especially workshops on speech n drama. We have a number of students and teachers who are really interested in performing arts. Against all odds, we won several district n state level competitions – poetry recitation, drama n choral speaking in these two years. Below is da link to da video of our drama performance this year:

    Wrecked and Mended by SMK Dato’ Kamaruddin, Batu Kurau, Perak.

    We sincerely hope to get favourable reply from you soon.
    Thank you.
    ‘from kampung with love’


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