Did you know Enfiniti Academy offers corporate training? Do you want to build your company’s creativity, communication or teambuilding skills?

Enfiniti Academy is a renowned performing arts training centre offering accessible arts education of the highest standard to build personality, confidence and nurture creative minds for all careers and sectors of society. It was established by award-winning actress Tiara Jacquelina who created the award winning group of companies of Enfiniti known for breaking new ground and raising the bar for the Malaysian film and arts industry.  Enfiniti Academy is run by award-winning actress Joanna Bessey. Drawing on our strength in theatre and arts-based training, Enfiniti conducts a dramatically different method of corporate training called Enfiniti PLAY!.

So why drama-based corporate training?  Enfiniti PLAY! utilizes public speaking, drama techniques, the actor’s toolkit, role play games and improvisation to train participants to motivate themselves, manage uncertainty, manage time constraints, think innovatively, communicate passionately and elaborate creatively. It consists of practical sessions, trains muscle memory and is a shared group experience. It gets you and your group to put theory into physical practice right on the spot unlike a normal lecture.

For more information click here: https://enfinitiacademy.com/corporate-training/.

We look forward to working with your company to develop the training that is right for you and your fellow employees.

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