Did you ever want to be on stage? Or maybe you want to be the next star of Asia’s Got Talent? Before you can take the leap to the stage you need to have the technique of a performer. Here are some of the various things you learn in our performing arts classes:

• Dance Techniques
• Development Of Personal Movement Skills
• Body Awareness And Centering
• Strength and flexibility
• Musicality
• Learn choreography & dance routines
• Performance Class/Showcase

Singing (kids):
• Vocal Warm -ups
• Proper Breathing Technique
• Singing Technique
• Understanding the Voice
• Articulation, Pronunciation and Diction
• Learning to Sing on Pitch
• Song Study
• Build Confidence to Sing on Stage
• Making Friends

Singing (adults):
• Vocal Exercises and Warm -ups
• Proper Breathing and Vocalization Technique
• Developing Vocal Artistry
• Determine Singing Range and Voice Type
• Effective Diction for Singing
• Learning to Sing on Pitch
• Singing Harmony and Ear Training
• Song Study and Interpretation
• Performance Class /Showcase

Acting (kids):
• Drama-Based Games and Exercises
• Storytelling
• Vocal Projection
• Reading Skills
• Communication Skills
• Develop Confidence and Concentration
• Build Imagination
• Making Friends and Teamwork
• Performance Class/Showcase

Acting (teens):
• To use physical and vocal devices to enhance a performance.
• To utilize physical and vocal devices for independent learning and problem solving.
• To be able to critically analyse text and performance.
• To introduce ensemble work.
• Confidence building in speech, interaction and performance.
• Performance Class/Showcase

Acting (adults):
• Acting Technique – Stanislavski based
• Voice and Breath
• Communication Techniques
• Movement
• Script Analysis
• Performance Analysis
• Scene Study
• Monologues
• Improvisation
• Audition Technique
• Knowing your “product” and administering your career
• Performance Class/Showcase

In the new semester new stars of #OlaBolaMusical2019 will be teach our dance classes! Come and learn hip hop and contemporary with us.

Email enact@enfiniti.com.my or call 03-61428115 for more details or to register.



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