Want to learn to write your own stories for film, TV or theatre or just as a hobby but never knew how to begin? Join us in March with professional scriptwriter Na’a Murad and learn to hone your skills as a writer for the technical craft of scriptwriting. This hands-on script-writing workshop focuses more on actual writing, rather than theory and will kick-start and inspire you to write that long awaited script! Call us at 03-61428115 or email enact@enfiniti.com.my to sign up!

scriptwriting workshop

Brief Description of screenwriting workshop:

Na’a Murad’s Script-writing Workshop is geared towards aspiring Scriptwriters and Writers who wish to try Script Writing.

Unlike Film School, we only have limited hours so the FOCUS IS ON ACTUAL WRITING!

Theories will be broken down to their most PRACTICAL FORM (3 Act Structure/Robert Mc Kee etc)

There will be various EXERCISES and WRITING games to develop skills and introduce concepts like Descriptive Non-Dialogue Writing, Hitchcock’s ‘4 Good Scenes’ method.

Also there will be a lot of ‘Improvisational Collaborative Writing’ which develops the skill in having to work on the IDEAS OF OTHERS (which is 80% of professional script-writing) AND is also fun!

Also; Freedom to Discuss, Disagree, Argue and Talk Movies!

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