Enfiniti Academy is an award-winning performing arts training centre providing your best choice in speech and drama / acting classes, vocal / singing lessons, dance and theatre classes for children and adults in Malaysia. For young and working adults who want to pursue a full time or part time career in performing arts or boost their communication and leadership skills, we also offer a performing arts career certificate worth 10 university credits. 

Enfiniti Academy¬†was established by award-winning actress Tiara Jacquelina with it’s course director, award-winning actress Joanna Bessey.

We are located in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

We are a creative acting, singing and dance school who believe in building personality, confidence and nurturing creative minds, whether or not our students choose a career in the performing arts.

Studies presented by UNESCO have proven and concluded that student achievement in reading, writing and mathematics becomes enhanced with an education in the arts. A mind with creativity is able to operate in imaginative and innovative ways.